• Conflicting Reports

Lawyer for Terror Suspect Enters Not Guilty Plea — Najibullah Zazi Held Without Bail

CONFLICTING REPORTS (Brooklyn) — Najibulla Zazi, the man who authorities say is behind a terror plot that would have been the worst since 9/11, stood calm as he was arraigned in Federal Court this morning. His lawyer, Michael J. Dowling, entered a plea of not guilty on his behalf. Dowling said that Zazi “cannot be convicted as the case now stands”, arguing that there must be “others” involved for there to be a conspiracy. Dowling added, “it is not illegal to buy beauty products”, referring to charges that Zazi purchased numerous bottles of peroxide and acetone. Zazi is seen on store surveillance tapes in Colorado, making such purchases, according to authorities.

Federal prosecutors argued that this is a complex case of international terrorism, possibly involving “other governments”.

Zazi was ordered held without bail and is scheduled to be back in court on Dec 3.

In the meantime, authorities say they have identified three additional New York men who are connected to the case and further arrests could come by the end of the week.

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