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FOX NEWS PRODUCER — Not As IN-Experienced As You May Think

heidi noonanFox News says it’s merely the actions of an inexperienced associate producer.  But Heidi Noonan may not be as lacking in experience as the news network would like you to believe.  At least, you have to wonder why someone so wet behind the ears would fetch the assignments she has.  Experience aside, Heidi Noonan became the most talked-about TV news producer this weekend as a videotape surfaced of her whipping-up anti-Obama protesters in Washington as she was setting-up a live report for correspondent Griff Jenkins. First of all, one has to wonder why Fox News would assign someone as light-on-news-credentials as Heidi Noonan to a story that the network itself believed to be so important. 

And Conflicting Reports has learned that Heidi Noonan has had the privilege of covering more than just a one-time weekend event on the Mall in Washington. 

I was under the impression that only experienced producers were assigned to the iconic venues of American government — the White House, Congress, the Supreme Court.  Let’s take Congress.    If you were to assign someone who lacks experience, I would think that the assignment would be on the lighter side, maybe a new member of the House or a tutorial on how a bill makes its way through Congress 

So we find it interesting that Heidi Noonan has been assigned to cover none other than the stalwart of the Senate — the late Edward Kennedy.

 This memo from Heidi Noonan to folks back at Fox News headquarters:

From: Noonan, Heidi
Sent: Mon Nov 17 12:18:13 2008
Subject: Urgent Sen. Kennedy’s remarks

Came into Russell Rotunda around 1158 with his 2 dogs and wife vicki here are his remarks:

I feel fine and looking forwars to the session with Pres elect Barack Obama on heathcare and all things on our agenda.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers overtime. It’s delightful to be back.

Hopefully prime item on the agenda.

Also the environment of Pres elect Obama has indicated it is prime. Good team working over the period of late summer and fall has given us a good start. He’s (obama) stated that.

Say hello to [Splash] And sunny. They’ve been behaving very well and are trying to decide which will be top dog.

He then entered the main hall in Russell to a room full of cheers and clapping.

This was shot to tape and feeding back shortly.

Below is the formal statement released.

Heidi Noonan
Fox News Channel • Washington, DC

And since Fox News is well aware that Heidi Noonan is so inexperienced, they would never allow her to contribute to a report, or put her name on a story.  Right?


Sen. Edward Kennedy arrived on Capitol Hill Monday with his wife and two dogs — the first time the Massachusetts Democrat has been at work since July after he was diagnosed a month earlier with a brain tumor.

Kennedy said he’s feeling great and wants to work on an economic stimulus proposal before trying to expand health care for all Americans through legislation next year. He was in town for the start of the lame duck session of Congress, expected to last about a week before finishing up for the year.

In a statement, Kennedy said he will “continue to lay the ground work for early action by Congress on health reform when President Obama takes office in January. We’ve been making real progress in our discussions about a consensus approach and I’m optimistic we’ll succeed.”

He added that he is “grateful for the prayers and good wishes I’ve received over the past several months. They have certainly lifted my spirits, as has the election of Barack Obama as our 44th president.”

Kennedy was greeted by cheers as he entered the main hallway of his Senate office building. He joked that his two dogs, Splash and Sunny, were behaving well and vying to be top dog.

Kennedy, 76, was last on Capitol Hill for a July 9 vote on a Medicare bill that passed despite Bush administration opposition. That was his sole return to Congress following surgery on June 2 for a malignant brain tumor that usually gives patients only a few years survival.

Kennedy delivered a speech at the Democratic National Convention in Denver in August. He was an early supporter of Obama.

FOX News’ Heidi Noonan contributed to this report.

 Link to article


Well at least she didn’t whip the dogs into a frenzy to make for a better story.


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