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VIDEO of President REAGAN INDOCTRINATING Students in Conservative Values, Supply-Side Economics and Christianity

reagan stillConflicting Reports now has video of the Reagan C-Span address to students in 1988, a story first reported here late last week.   Here is the opening:

President Reagan spreads the word of Christianity and morality to the captive children and talks about  a vision that sees America as the chosen people:

The polticking gets into full gear as the President campaigns before the children on a particulaly partisan topic of the time — a proposed constitutional amendment requiring a balanced budget.   President Reagan chooses to use this venue to put forth his rigid, conservative view:

Ronnie downright scares the shit out of the kids when he tells them that the world will end if any of them vote for a Democrat, and that high taxes is what will bring about the end of the universe:

The best for the last.  You won’t believe your ears as President Reagan stumbles and fumbles as he tries to answer this girl’s question about education opportunities for minorities.  This is 1989.  Which term to you think he uses: Black or African-American?  Watch it and weep:


2 Responses

  1. Great post. Thanks for providing this video!

  2. Dear Conflicting Reports: You really should correct the error I pointed out in my above comment, instead of just deleting that part of my comment. I was trying to help. At one point you say the speech was in 1988 and at another point you say it was 1989.

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